Kili About

Hi! I’m Kili.
Mind-Body Expert, Life and Weight Loss Coach, NLP Practitioner.

Mom, Wife, Everyday Athlete, Truth Seeker and Fear Slayer.

My passion is to add value to this world by introducing it and you to the UNIQUENESS of YOUR AMAZING! I want to help you to see the world from a different view and truly appreciate the suchness only you have to offer.

If there’s one thing I’m really good at, it’s creating a safe space to explore and uncover what truly stops you from showing up in this world. I care about guiding women to a better understanding of themselves. I’m fully committed to helping women tune in to their voice, body, power, and God-given rhythms that define their path in the life they love.

Together we get to the core of the matter and I introduce you to tools that will immediately connect you to who you are. We will create more possibilities than you could ever imagine.

Prior to doing this work I was a fitness guru.

I spent a lot of years on a stage, wearing a multitude of masks and performing a variety of roles. I’ve traveled the world inspiring 1000’s of people to move and celebrate their originality.

I’ve received world-wide recognition managing and creating international campaigns and programs. I’ve worked with multi billion dollar companies like Nike as well as celebrity choreographers.

I’ve nurtured and helped train some of the top names in coaching and fitness.

I’ve directed and starred in fitness and dance videos, along with variety and reality shows. I have lived the life of first class flights and 5 star swanky hotels, (you know the kind that play underwater trance music when you go to the bathroom).
I achieved everything I wanted. But then something happened.

I took off my mask, or rather, it melted off (like that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark).
My body had become very sick. My marriage failed, I didn’t know my kids, I didn’t know myself, I didn’t even like who I was. All that I had built, the life I created, the job that I loved was literally killing me. Body. Mind. Soul.
So, I decided to really get to know the person under the mask.
I wanted to see what her wants and desires were, her fears and her dreams. I quit my job and made a heart conscious decision to deeply heal, rebuild my relationships, my business, my body and create a new life from a deliberate space of truth.
This was not easy and I won’t lie and tell you it was. At times it was scary, uncomfortable and I wanted to run away.
10 years later, 1 kick-ass marriage, 3 brilliantly unique kids, 1 amazing community of movement based individuals, 100’s of clients, 1000’s of hours of blood, sweat and tears, 2 life coaching certifications, 1 Neuro-Linguistic Programming certification and much more!
Here I am!
Today I have infused my talents and life experiences with that of a Life and Weight Loss Coach. I work one on one and lead workshops that inspire people to go deeper. To commit to their best self.

I design mind-body experiences including, face to face private meetings, phone or skype sessions, workshops and writings.

Ultimately all of my work is about self-acceptance, self-compassion and creating movement from that space.

Because the world is a WAY better place when everyone shows up as themselves in their own inspiring bodies.

Email or contact me for a free consultation at Kili@KiliMartiCoaching.com
And now 10 quirky & totally true things about me

  1. I make up my own words to just about every song on the radio
  2. I came out the womb with a passion for movement and an insatiable curiosity for experience. Which often landed me in trouble and scared the you-know-what out of my parents
  3. I am totally obsessed with Western dramas
  4. I was the first Elite Nike Dance Athlete who put women’s fitness on the map for Nike with Jamie King
  5. I am a yogi who sometimes lifts weights, eats meat, swears and drinks coffee
  6. I detest the norm and often put a dance move on top of everything I do, (You can catch me chest-popping, waiting in line at the local Starbucks)
  7. I created and currently own a boutique gym with my husband, challenging us each and every day to stretch our walk, of the talk
  8. I love the outdoors but hate to camp. The best bed is one that is made for you, and has a chocolate on the pillow
  9. Yes, my name IS from J.R. Tolkien’s book the Hobbit. Artistic parent obsessed, painted the trilogy from a box I slept in that hung from the ceiling
  10. I love to chant mantras and I shave my armpits
  11. I am a bohemian-rockstar who sometimes wears mom jeans

If you need more information or would like to see if we are a good fit, I have a few spaces set aside each week to speak with individuals who have questions and queries. Please email me at Kili@KiliMartiCoaching.com and I will personally email to set up a time to chat.