Make Peace and Solve any Struggle

Single session – $125

In this session we work on a specific challenge or issue that you are currently struggling with. It can be anything from that woman driving you crazy at work, your partner not loving you the way you desire or a struggle you may have with your body or food. This is an opportunity to work with me in-person or by phone, just once or as many times as you’d like; you decide based on your needs. Sessions last 90 minutes. I start by emailing you some clarifying questions. We then set an appointment, meet, and get down to it. My goal is that you will leave with, “aha” moments and simple actionable steps to live an inspired life.

“Learning to change the way I think about things has had a huge impact on taking care of myself. I’ve learned that happiness feels amazing!” ~ Kelly

“Kili’s coaching style is direct and straightforward, yet empathetic. She is very intuitive, and is able to effectively guide her clients in the direction of healing and wholeness of body, mind, and spirit.” ~ Katrina

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Creating peace and inspiration in a life you love to live

This offering is to help you uncover and RECONNECT to what you truly want, REDEFINE how you will think and take action on those desires. Together, we REINVENT an action plan within the context of your life.

You might feel like you’re fighting and working for a life you don’t have time to live?
You might feel stuck or unsure? Perhaps disconnected from your body?
Maybe you have lost your passion and forgotten your life’s purpose? You might have neglected yourself and just don’t know how to get back home?

These 4 powerful sessions are designed to reconnect you to what makes you excited, to get up in the mornings. We can meet face-to-face or one-on-one via phone. Our first session will be 2 hours long and the remaining three will be 90 minutes each.

We begin where you are and start with a Clarity Questionnaire. This will help us set intentions and design our sessions together. My hope is that these sessions provide awareness and perspective, reconnecting you to an inspired life. Only now it’s even better this time with a redefined energy and motivation allowing you to reinvent and create your future focus. In-between each session you will leave with simple actionable steps to practice noticing, providing more awareness until our next session. Additionally, this program provides email support in-between sessions and 7 days past our last session.

“Kili’s 4 session coaching package allowed me to gain greater perspective and clarity in my own self awareness. She taught me tangible life long skills that I can use again and again to help me analyze and cope with new challenges, how to look more objectively at difficult issues and how to come from a centered loving place on any given situation. Kili has a wonderful way of getting to the root cause of a problem vs. addressing the symptoms. Her cheerful and energetic spirit is a joy to work with and I feel blessed to know her. She has a true gift inspiring others to find their true self.” ~ Amanda

“It’s amazing how being internally happy gives me a new type of energy, that I have never experienced. Before I would be driven because I wanted to prove others wrong, but now my energy is coming from a very good/healthy place. I’m not trying to prove anyone wrong or even myself, I am just being myself, being ok with me and loving myself too.” ~ Miriam

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Creating freedom around food and exercise, in a body that reflects your true self.
You’ve had moments. You’ve felt out-of-control. Struggled with cravings. Eaten too much. Been on one to many yo-yo diets. Neglected and maybe even abused yourself. Felt shame, embarrassment and guilt. Fallen into old habits. Been food obsessed, body obsessed.


Lazy. Undesirable. Disgusting. Unmotivated. Wasteful. Gross. Un-loveable. F’d Up.

**Real words, from real clients

You are not broken. You have simply been doing the best you can, with the tools and the knowledge that you currently have with probably some very good intentions.


  • Make peace with your food by nourishing your soul.
  • Finally be free from worry about what and when to eat or how much you exercise
  • Feel totally free in a body that reflects the true you
  • End emotional eating and feel in control
  • Loose weight and feel more confident “for good”

You’re ready to get to the core and into a body and life you love

In this 6 week intensive, I combine Weight Loss tools, NPL and my own mind-body strategy skills plus 24 years experience, along with your awareness, to create a new relationship with food and body. In these sessions we dive deep into the core component of why you gained the weight, so you can keep it off for good. Together we create conscientious FOOD INTENTIONS with awareness.

Before we meet, we start with my, Food Intentions – Questionnaire. This helps me understand and get to know you, where you are coming from, where you are now and where you ultimately dream of going. It also allows me to tailor each session special, for you. My hope is that each and every session connects and provides perspective on what you are bringing to the table and how this is woven into every part of your life, because, the weigh you do food, is the weigh you do everything. At the end of every session I will provide, simple actionable steps or fresh ingredients to practice until our next session. Each session, builds on the last, opening up possibility and truth. From these truth’s we cook up a new relationship to food and body and how to think and act in an inspired life, based on what your soul craves.

Additionally, this program provides email support in-between sessions and 7 days past our last session.
Here’s what 6 weeks with me will look like:
Week One: Awareness

We will create awareness around your core components of hunger, what you hunger for and why. This will also help us design the next 5 weeks.

Week Two: Connection

We will connect to your physical and emotional hunger and how each of these show up in your body and mind

Week Three: Body

We will investigate your relationship to movement/exercise and discuss new strategies to feel joy, empowerment and freedom while you move.

Week Four: Thoughts and Feelings

We will uncover the limiting beliefs you are bringing to the table, as well as how these beliefs are being digested and showing up in your body and behaviors.

Week Five: Self care

We will uncover patterns and start to create truer habits that support self-care within the context of your life

Week Six: Future focus

We will layout plans to continue to support inspired beliefs that make you feel freedom and peace around food and exercise in a body that reflects your truest self.

You ARE ready to stop beating yourself, end the cycle of weight gain/loss, take control and become your best and your biggest fan.

“Coaching with Kili provided me with an emotional awakening that permanently altered how I respond to the world around me. It started with my relationship with food, but the tools she has created continue to help me understand all aspects of myself. I learned how to identify my feelings (fat is not a feeling!) and the thoughts that produce those feelings. This awareness helps me in my job, in my marriage and of course, in my relationship with my body.” ~ Mckayla

“I spent many years creating “busy” and would stuff down my feeling with food, so much so that I became numb to them. Kili helped me realize how to feel my feelings (and they didn’t kill me :-) ) I became a better wife, mother, & friend.” ~ Heather

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You can click the Buy Now button for any of these options and I will get in touch with you to follow up and schedule our time together.


If you need more information or would like to see if we are a good fit I have a few spaces set aside each week to speak with individuals who have questions and queries. I will personally return your call if you leave me a message

Personal Fitness — For the past 24 years I’ve specialized in helping people find their, “Inner Rockstar.” Every person is unique in the way they are built, in the way they move and what they think and feel about themselves in relationship to movement. So why would we even begin to think we should all look, move and enjoy the same exercises in the same way? As a personal trainer, I infuse my 24 years of knowledge in a variety of movements with my skills as a life and weight coach. This allows me to design workouts that make you feel freedom, joy, connection and accomplishment in your practice. My goal as a personal trainer is to help you build a foundation and connection to mind and body so strong it reflects your true self, inspiring others to follow.

Group Fitness “Imagine having your very own fan club. Imagine, like-minded individuals sweating with you and cheering you on. My husband and I built and created SWEAT360, a boutique gym because sometimes it’s just more fun with your best teammates by your side. There is something magical that happens in the middle of a group class when everyone lets go, they leave their egos at the door, they forget about their day and they don’t have to remember who they are, because they FEEL who they are. Group is your opportunity to practice taking yourself lightly and your movement seriously a practice that moves beyond the boundaries of four walls and into everyday life. At SWEAT360 we understand that one individual can create change but a community can transform the world.