Work With Me

You can build a strong body, drink a shake, start the next fad diet, get a massage, a facial, hair extensions, new clothes, start a relationship or a new job.

It all works, until it doesn’t.


Eventually the self-sabotage and denial of self-love and self-worth will rear its ugly head. Often after a lot of hard work and maybe even a few good results we eventually end right back where we started or even worse. We work so hard to fix the symptoms, the external circumstances and control the outside world. When the truth is the problem lies at the CORE of our thinking. Sustainable change happens from the inside.


I know what it is like to compare and compete with an unrealistic idea of perfection, and the poison this injects into your heart. All the busy, striving and shoulds just left me, “shoulding” all over the place.


I know what it’s like to starve and beat the shit out of your body, to disconnect from your soul and all the trouble this attracts. This is why I choose ceaselessly each and every day to stay connected, to stretch the boundaries of my authenticity, and why I’ve made coaching my life’s work.

I’ve infused my love of movement with the brilliance of coaching.

After years of working with clients physically and recommending healthy eating alternatives, I noticed something was missing.

A term I coined the core component.
As a coach, I am a personal trainer for your mind.
I can show you how to create personal power by taking charge of what’s happening in your life. We will get to the core component of your thoughts. There’s so much power in our thoughts and beliefs, and those thoughts and beliefs show up on our bodies and in the way we MOVE in this world.
As Maggie Reyes, of Modern Married says, “Just like a sports coach, a life coach stands outside the situation, sees the highest and best in you and sometimes inspires you, sometimes challenges you but always helps you play better.”
Together as coach and player, we work on illuminating your limiting thoughts and beliefs. We will look at how those limitations make you feel and move. From this place of clarity, I’ll show you very practical ways to shift your thinking, allowing an empowered conscious choice.This empowerment reconnects you to your body.

The more that you are connected to your body, the more you will love your body and want to participate in it.

I don’t tell you what to do, but I do sometimes offer my own stories and experiences. You are the expert and you know exactly what you need. I will guide, listen, ask questions, ask some more questions and teach you some amazing tools to get you performing your best in this game of life.