Erin Stone


Erin’s competitive destiny was formed early on when she won her first blue ribbon at a gymnastics competition at age 6. Sadly by age 10, her gymnastics career ended due to her height ( 6 inches taller than the rest of her fellow gymnasts), so she bought her first bicycle after saving up her allowance and took up swimming, volleyball and softball. Thanks to a number of amazing, inspiring coaches, fellow athletes, friends and family, she eventually learned that every sport is a team sport. Without their love, support and camaraderie she could not have become the athlete and coach that she is today, and for that she is forever grateful.

When Erin’s not working at her day job in strategic marketing, coaching athletes or swimming, biking and running, you’ll find her in the kitchen in pursuit of her, “in my next life” dream of becoming a caterer or personal chef. Erin loves experimenting with flavors and ingredients, and preparing healthy, hearty, satisfying meals for herself and her
loved ones. On her off days, she’ll likely be snuggled up with
one or three of her dogs, her husband Erik, a good book
with a glass of wine.

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Erin’s specialty is working one on one with cyclist’s, runners and swimmers as well as her team work with the SWEAT360 TRICLUB.

1:1 Endurance Coaching or Baseline Testing
If you have a full or half Ironman, full or half Marathon, or a distance cycling event in your sights then one on one coaching with Erin will give you a self directed program to prepare. Personalized endurance coaching gives structure, accountability and focus. Erin will help you establish your baseline performance, calculate VO2 Max and heart rate zones as well as discuss progress and work through issues that will help you develop a race strategy for running and cycling.

Single sessions and packages are available.

Email Erin at with questions or for more information.


  • Bachelor of Science, Health Science
  • Masters of Science, Health Services Administration
  • TRX/Kettlebell Certified
  • Certified Les Mills™ Fitness Instructor

Driven – Loyal – Unpredictable