High Def

SWEAT360’s premiere functional workout. A 60 minute class, utilizing both indoors and outdoors with combined strength and conditioning methodologies designed specifically to get you strong and in shape fast. Expect to start with a dynamic warm up and mobility focus, prepping you for a powerful strength section using barbells and/or heavy weights, and lastly finishing off with a fast paced, potent, high energy workout devoted to speed, strength endurance and cardio vascular work that will leave you feeling accomplished and complete. High Definition, “where we take ourselves lightly and our workout’s seriously.”

Strength 360

This Olympic lifting class is designed to work in concert with SWEAT360′s regular programming to increase clients proficiency with the snatch and clean and jerk. Technique and positioning throughout the lifts are the primary concern. Clients will perform drills to improve lifting mechanics while helping increase strength and power. Plus… its fun to throw around heavy weight! This class is run in sessions and not year round.