Function & Performance

TRX & TRX/Kettlebell & Circuit

The TRX strap system is a great tool one on one, so what could be better? Music, motion and TRX with a group! Lift, lower, push and pull your body while you hang from the dynamic-durable TRX strap system. This is a total body suspension workout that blasts your body and super strengthens your core. Circuit – TRX paired with cardiovascular-based activities (Jump Rope, Running, etc.) Kettlebell – TRX paired with Kettlebell movements.


This workout is a simple and effective way to increase your fitness at a foundational level. We use pre-hab exercises using bands, light weights and rollers to improve the function and strength of the abdominal, hip and glute muscles. Great for any level. For those wanting to start a fitness program and build a solid foundation. Great for a standalone workout, active recovery or solidifying our current athletes core.


Is SWEAT360’s form of indoor cycling set to music in which experienced outdoor and indoor instructors lead a class through a series of drills simulating an outdoor ride. Expect this ride to be like a party with pedals attached with some of your favorite peeps by your side. Most classes run 45-60 minutes. You’ll work your body to high energy beats of rock, hip-hop, alternative, pop, and techno as you climb, sprint, and run. It’s a fantastic, addictive cardiovascular workout! RIDE360, “where you will leave your puddle of pride on the floor.”