Working towards an event with RUN360 allows you to not only stay committed but also get the best results for your effort put in. Whether you run a 6 minute mile or a 14 minute mile this program is for you. Meet with like-minded individuals who are just starting out or maintaining their running levels. This is a 12-14 week group session training is designed to work runners towards an event while in a supportive, social and structured run group. The sessions vary between Run specific strength, speed and hill work to specific event training distances. It’s a great way to work up towards a goal while having the support of others and the motivation of knowing you are doing it right. RUN360 runs seasonally throughout the year towards major 5K/10K and half marathons.
Cost is free for SWEAT360 Clients and $100 for non-members depending season, subject to change.
Please check our scheduler or email for when the next session begins.

Tri Club

Joining the Sweat360 Tri Club is a great way for first time or seasoned triathletes to accomplish their multisport goals. A structured, coach-led training program that aligns with other Sweat360 programming to incorporate endurance, strength and flexibility provides athletes of all abilities a safe, supportive and fun environment to conquer their goals. Tailored for Olympic-distance triathlons (1500 meter swim, 25 mile ride and 10K run), the Tri Club kicks off in March and runs through September, preparing participants for 3-4 local events throughout the season. Group training activities take place on Thursday evenings and on Sundays.
Program fees are $300 for Sweat360 members and $350 for non members. This fee includes team discounts to target events, weekly team updates and training schedules, coach-led group training activities, educational webinars and clinics, team events, partner/sponsor discounts and team swag (excluding kits). A 10-visit pass to participate in other Sweat360 programming is also included for non-Swea360 members.
Email Erin at with questions or for more information.