Chad Fischer


What is your name?

Chad Fischer

Where are you from?

I grew up in Green Bay, WI, less than two miles from Lambeau Field.

What is your profession?

I am a process engineer at Intel. Essentially, I help make the world a better place, one Excel spreadsheet at a time.

Describe your family? (i.e. husband, wife, kids, siblings, mom dad, etc. )

My mom and dad still live in Green Bay. I have a younger sister, brother-in-law and two nephews in Madison, WI. I also have an absolutely wonderful girlfriend, Anna. Amongst other things, she is incredibly talented at designing and constructing an awesome running relay costume. Any craziness that I have worn in these relays has been entirely her idea.

What obstacle(s) have you found most challenging in your life?

Many times in life I’ve found myself shying away from a challenge because I couldn’t fully map out in my brain all the solutions for each step I may encounter along the way. Although this is something I continue to work on, I feel that Sweat has been a great environment in encouraging me to worry less about how things may turn out and focus more on the act of just giving it my all in the midst of what I am working on.

How did you discover SWEAT360?

I discovered Sweat360 essentially 4 years ago to the month when my former roommate, Jeff Garrett, recommended it to me. My fitness world prior to Sweat had degraded into mostly unproductive trips to 24-Hour and LA Fitness. I have always loved exercise, but my routine was growing quite stale. In search of something different, I moved onto P90X. The change was good, but I dreaded the start of each of those workouts and it was only my desire to fully finish the 90 days that kept me going. It was right after this, while I contemplated “what next”, that Jeff said to me, “I’ve been going to a place that I think you should check out”. Damn it Jeff, why didn’t you tell me 90 days sooner?!

What is your favorite class at SWEAT360?

TRX, Ride and Yoga are all classes I really enjoy, but High Def is probably my favorite. I love the variety of exercises offered in High Def. After 100’s and 100’s of classes (ok, 445 according to my schedule history), I don’t think I’ve done two High Def classes which were exactly the same. I appreciate the thought and design that goes into the programing of the workouts. I feel this programming results in the strengthening of my entire body and strikes a good balance of challenging us and at the same time being mindful so as to not expose us to a high risk of injury. Feeling that I can trust in the instruction being given is something that is very important to me. Lastly, I absolutely love the comradery in these workouts. I love that the atmosphere of High Def allows us to encourage and push one another and at the same time rib one another so that we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

What keeps you motivated and inspired?

I really enjoy exercise. Becoming stronger and healthier are two great results of exercise, but at the simplest level I love how exercise makes me feel when I’m doing it and I hate how I feel after I’ve been without for a few weeks. Additionally, I’ve learned that getting back on the horse after getting off is certainly more challenging than just continuing to ride so this has also been motivation for me to keep exercise a regular part of my routine. Fitness is something that I want to always be a part of my life so I feel that what I am doing today is helping to preserve what I’ll be able to do tomorrow.

Describe your perfect day?

My perfect day would begin the same way as essentially all my days do, with 2-3 eggs (scrambled) and sausage. It would continue with a morning workout; my favorite workout of course (see question #7). And while I would push myself to absolute exhaustion during this workout, any feelings of muscle fatigue and soreness would disappear to almost nothing after having a chance to refuel. Since this day is indeed perfect and not wanting to let it go to waste, I’d enter my first ever, Class A cyclocross race that afternoon and win it. On the drive home I’d realize that my fantasy football team completely dominated and secured that season’s league championship. I’d end the day watching the Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl (a record 14th championship).

What did SWEAT360 provide for you short term?

Short term, Sweat helped transform many thoughts I had around exercise. It helped me realize that it is possible to really enjoy and look forward to exercise and at the same time really push myself while doing it. It helped me realize the importance in areas of fitness that I had not focused on previously; namely core strength and flexibility (yoga!). And it helped me realize that exercise is best shared with friends working right alongside of you. It also introduced to me the routine of an early morning workout; which, even to a “morning person”, initially sounded crazy, but I later realized was incredibly invigorating. Morning workouts have helped change my mindset from being one of apprehension towards what my day may bring, to being one of excitement to take on and beat that day’s challenges. Pre-Sweat I would routinely ask myself whether I had the time or energy to spend towards exercise. Now I ask whether I can afford not to exercise and the answer is almost always, “no” as my Sweat routine provides me with far more than it consumes. To me, Sweat was one of those things in life that I wasn’t smart enough to realize I needed before being introduced to it; but after discovering it, I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to live without it; It’s very similar to a smartphone in that regard!

What did SWEAT360 provide for you long term?

Long term, Sweat helped introduce me to an awesome group of friends that I’ve enjoyed spending time with both inside the gym and out. It also moved me towards participating in several ‘outside of the gym’ activities that I don’t feel I would have ventured towards on my own; namely 12 person running relays (EPIC/Cascade Lakes) and cyclocross. And cyclocross later dovetailed into my first single and double century bike rides. In a way, Sweat has been a gateway drug towards bigger and better things.

What is your life mantra? (i.e. Live. Laugh. Love. Etc.)

I can’t say that I have adopted a formal life mantra but one that resonates with me is:
Be Positive, Patient and Persistent.