Meet SWEAT360 Athlete, Dawn Weinberger


Where are you from?

I was born and raised as an only child in Redmond, Washington.

What is your profession?

A writer. But now I am a full time mom.

Describe your family?

I love my little family and feel very blessed to have Carl, my husband, Hannah, our daughter and our cat Lucy in my life. I am the luckiest girl, really. I don’t mean to sound mushy, but my husband is the best. I love his creativity and adventurous spirit and how he is so diligent in everything he does. I used to get impatient with him because it always took him soooo long to finish projects. I finally realized that all his planning/organizing/spread-sheeting had a purpose, and it always benefits us in the long run. He is also very supportive and encourages me to pursue things that interest me, and he works very hard every day so I can stay home with our daughter. The thing I admire most about him though is his ability to persevere. It seems like no matter what we are going through in our lives, he always manages to hold things together for us. Hannah challenges me in fun and interesting ways everyday. She is far more outgoing than me, so I have had to learn to be social wherever I go. No more going out somewhere and remaining anonymous. She talks to everyone, all the time. It is so cool to watch to her learn new things and explore her world. I love listening to her chit chat (her ever-expanding vocabulary is amazing), and I even find her tantrums adorable (I try not to let her see me laugh, though). We waited a long time to become parents, and I’m glad we did — Hannah was worth the wait!

What obstacle(s) have you found most challenging in your life?

Fear and insecurity have been huge obstacles that have prevented me from setting/reaching goals and living up to my potential. I am finally learning to move past these obstacles, which is liberating. For example, I have always sort of functioned as if I wasn’t worthy of achieving certain things. I always hesitated to get involved in a new challenge because I was afraid I would not succeed or that someone else would not consider me “good enough.” I listened to naysayers instead supportive/positive people. This kept me from applying to graduate school, it kept me from trying to get the jobs I really wanted, it kept me from pursuing business ideas that came to mind. And as a result, I’ve always felt mediocre in terms of my level of success. I knew I could do more, but I was too insecure to actually do more. I would have moments of fearlessness where I would do something bold like move to Portland, alone, when I was 23 and knew no one or quit my dead end job without something else lined up because the management treated everyone like dirt … but I never really had the courage to take those bold moves and turn them into something bigger. I don’t have this same sense of fear and insecurity any longer, at least not to the same extent. Having a daughter is a big part of it … I want her to be brave and bold and therefore I need to model that to her. Sweat360 is a big part of this, too. Somehow realizing that I am physically strong has allowed me to feel more confident and secure in other areas of life.

How did you discover SWEAT360?

Carl saw a sign on 25th in front of the original location. He knew I was looking for a new place to workout so he told me about it and I stopped in that day.

What is your favorite class at SWEAT360?

High Def. High Def is my favorite class because I feel like it is a very efficient use of my limited time. I can’t go to the gym whenever I want anymore; it has to be scheduled. And if I miss a class because of childcare issues, I may or may not have a chance to make it up later. The workouts are short, very effective and very challenging, so I feel confident that if for some reason I can only make it to two classes in a particular week I am still going to get some pretty significant benefits. I also like the format of the workouts; it is perfect for my short attention span. I don’t get bored.

What keeps you motivated and inspired?

I am very inspired by hearing and reading stories about successful women (particularly mothers) who have dreams and work hard to achieve them. I am motivated by challenge and in some ways competition. If I have a specific thing I am supposed to do within a certain time frame, I am very driven to achieve it. As long as there is accountability. Without accountability to someone, I might as well not even bother (that is why I like participating in the SWEAT360 Meltdown so much).

Describe your perfect day?

Any day that follows a decent night of sleep is a perfect day for me 
For me, a perfect day does not have to involve anything in particular. It changes, day by day and week by week. I really try to just take each day as it comes and to see the beauty/perfection in it despite anything that comes up (even junk that comes up). With that said, I certainly enjoy my days a lot more when they involve sleep and sunshine. I also love the days that involve unsuspected surprises, like last week when we finally found a new house after a year of searching or a few weeks ago when I totally shocked myself by doing a real, legitimate pull-up!

What did SWEAT360 provide for you short term?

A convenient place to work out and a good break in my work day. A fun and challenging environment with a great group of people.

What did SWEAT360 provide for you long term?

More than words can say. Before we joined Sweat360 four years ago, I wanted nothing more than to leave Hillsboro. I didn’t think this town had anything to offer me, and I wanted to be closer to Portland or in the Seattle area closer to my family. I really felt like I did not belong here. Carl was even interviewing for jobs at Microsoft and for a while it looked like that is where we were headed. But we wound up staying, and then we found the gym. That is when I started to change my mind about Hillsboro. I started to meet like-minded people, and I started to realize that maybe Hillsboro isn’t so bad after all. I felt like I finally had a community … something that was lacking in my life before. Now, I actually love living in Hillsboro. I don’t think I would be saying this if it weren’t for Sweat360. So, to sum it up, Sweat360 has given me friends and a sense of belonging. Of course this is just one small part of it. You have done so much for me long term, I could probably go on and on for 20 pages.

What is your life mantra?

“Do not be conformed to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” ~ Romans 12:2