Ryan Maclean


What is your name?

My name is Ryan MacLean

Where are you from?

I was born in Portland and grew up in NE and SW Portland.

What is your profession?

I have taught gymnastics for 19 years, but have recently returned to school to study marketing.

What is your profession?

I have a father, Tim, in Tacoma, an older brother, Cameron, and sister-in-law, Julee, in Sellwood, two amazing dogs, Necco and Lila, and the most inspiring girlfriend, Rosemary.

What obstacle(s) have you found most challenging in your life?

One of the most personally challenging events I’ve experienced is not such an uncommon one. Just over a year ago, I lost my mother. We were very close, and in the end, It was left to my brother and myself to choose how to let her go. Standing up in that room filled with people who loved my mother and speaking on her behalf was the most difficult, and most beautiful moment of my life.

How did you discover SWEAT360?

In my years of teaching gymnastics, I’m pretty sure I’ve at least met, if not taught, nearly every kid in Hillsboro. I had so many parents talk to me about SWEAT and I had known for about a year before I joined, that this was where I would end up. I finally walked through the door during a High Def class, and I knew half the people in the room. Darcy DeBord, Dawn Clement, David Campbell… I knew I would find my place in SWEAT because I had already found a place in the people that made up its community.

What is your favorite class at SWEAT360?

My favorite class at SWEAT is High Def. I enjoy the variety of movements, the varied pace, the challenge, the camaraderie, but mostly that I have been in a class with people half my age and people twice my age, all doing the same workout, and having it kick all our butts equally.

What keeps you motivated and inspired?

When I’m at SWEAT, I draw my motivation from the community. When I hear people talk about big box gyms, or at home dvd’s, I’m happy for them, but to me that sounds terrible. The way I’ve found to bring my all to a workout is to do it with people that make me better. If you’ve been in a class with me, I’ve been chasing you. If you’ve been chasing me, I’ve been doing my best to run from you.

Describe your perfect day?

Saturday is my favorite day. I know, It’s like saying recess is my favorite subject in school, but stick with me. Saturday at my house means no one has to get up before anyone else. I get to enjoy my coffee with my beautiful lady and exuberant puppies. Then it’s off to (sometimes) yoga. This is a class that has helped me through so many really rough times in the three years I’ve been at SWEAT. It has served as a refuge from my mind, and at times, an hour to get so lost in my head that it takes a High Def class to get me back. After savasana, I head in to High Def. Saturday High Def is a special workout each week. Many times it is partner based, and it’s always fun and challenging. Running, jumping, lifting, piggy-backing, bear walking, throwing, and walking on the wall. It’s recess. After High def, We will often hit the Portland farmer’s market and pick up a fridge full of fresh veggies and begin to plan what we will eat for the week. Everything is fresh, earthy, and green, and it’s almost peach season! Most saturday evenings we spend at home. It doesn’t really matter what we do, it’s just nice that way. Ya know?

What did SWEAT360 provide for you short term?

When I first joined SWEAT, I dropped 10 pounds. Almost immediately, I gained 10 back. I liked the trade of fat for muscle, but I guess I had expected more. Then came meltdown. In the 6 weeks of my first meltdown, I dropped over 22 pounds and had to buy new pants.

What did SWEAT360 provide for you long term?

In the long term, SWEAT has provided me with an education on how to be healthy. I’ve found that working your body hard is only part of the equation. That food doesn’t come in a box or a bag. I’ve learned to enjoy the journey instead of focusing only on the destination. I’ve learned that I am a valuable part of an exceptional community that feeds me as an athlete and as a person.

What is your life mantra? (i.e. Live. Laugh. Love. Etc.)

I can’t really say that I have a mantra that I go to often, but there is something I try to keep in my head when I feel stuck. I’ve always loved to learn, and I always need to grow, and no matter how I may want to continue whatever was held by today, there will always be only one direction in which to go: Onward.