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Hi Robert and Kili,

One of my major takeaways from Yoga week is that we need to always be sharing with others when we are appreciative and thankful for what they do.  The reason being is that life has this way of knocking all of us around a bit at times and telling us untruths to our brain that can steal joy from our lives if we are not careful.  I don’t think anyone is immune to this.   And, while we can be aware of this and be stronger in our personal battle against these untruths, it was really impressed on me during Yoga week the importance of not just receiving encouragement from others but giving it back in return so that we can each build one another up.  Robert and Kili, you two have chosen as your careers to encourage and directly add value to the lives of individuals and I want to be sure to tell you that I am very appreciative from a personal level of the value that the efforts of you both and the community you have have created has added to my life.

Today I took a trip back to LA Fitness which used to be my personal gym from the Fall of 2005 through the Spring of 2010 (shortly before learning about Sweat360).  Why the heck would I go there today?  Well, I have this basketball game on Monday night that I want to prepare myself to be at my best for so I was there to work on my shot (that’s another story).  Anyway, it says quite a bit when you can walk into a place only 2 years removed from being there very consistently for 5 years straight and not know a sole there or have any recognize who you are.  I told a small lie that I had never been there before and I was interested in signing a membership at a place that had a basketball court I liked and asked if I could try it out.  They allowed me to use the basketball court and said they would come get me after a little bit to give me the personal tour.  After about 2 hours, no one came, which really speaks volumes of these types of places on how a “potential customer” is able to slip through the cracks so easily.  I was only there to work on my shot, so I was perfectly happy they left me alone.   It was a bit of a trip down memory lane, like visiting your old high school, and walking in there instantly reminded me of the feeling I always had while I was a member.  I would always see the same people when I worked out but I would barely know anything about them, including their names.

I have been at Sweat 360 for what will be very shortly be 16 months.  Knowing how much value Sweat has added to my life it’s hard to think how I once got by without it.  I have never exercised harder in my life and at the same time I have never enjoyed exercising as much either.  Tonight we turn the clocks forward 1 hour, but in a way I think the two of you have turned my clock backwards on my life as I feel that my physical age has been reversed.  I could go into specifics about this (making this long email longer), but just one example is I weighed myself at LA Fitness today.  Currently, I weigh myself very very rarely, but I always would on their scale at LA Fitness.  Pre Sweat360 I would routinely weigh 205-210.  Today I weighed 182 and at 182 I feel as strong as I ever felt at 205+.  I remember thinking to myself back then that my 205+ weight was due to me putting on muscle; today I know that not to be true.  I was practically carrying around a 25 lbs plate with me whereever I went and because my frame hides weight so well, it never even occurred to me.  No wonder my body feels so much better.

All that aside, I want to finish up with this thought.  Why is Sweat360 great?  You guys are true professionals with the design of the classes and workouts and are great at challenging us to see results, but it’s not just that.  Both of you are very personable individuals who find it very natural to engage and communicate with others and as a result are a joy to be around, but it’s not entirely that either.  The primary reason I feel that Sweat is great is because both of you authentically and genuinely care about the lives of others and this truth is very apparent in both of you.  As a result you have attracted a group of members who likewise care and are authentic.  100% of motivation for going to a workout is not entirely due to how great your workouts are, part of it is feeling that I’ll be missing out on the opportunity of being with and hanging out with friends if I don’t.  It’s why I find it so hard to turn down High Def on Saturday mornings after just completing 1.5 hrs of Yoga.  It’s my feeling that you both have created a healthy community (both physically and emotionally) that people are drawn to and want to be apart of.  Thank you for being yourselves, thank you for caring and thank you for doing a great job!

You two work very hard to give so much of yourselves to others, that I wanted to make sure you received some of my gratitude in return.  Robert and Kili, you’re awesome!

Thank You,


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Karie | Beth | Kumud | Ellie | Greg | Renee | Karen D | Barbara | Vince | Karen F | Julie | Sujit | Matt | Kendall | Miriam | Jeffery | Susan

“I’ve been working with Kili for several months now and have seen fantastic results. She has the ability to see every- body for what it is and respects how different everyone’s bodies are. She helped me to clarify my goals and we work every week on achieving them. She is persistent and tough but genuinely cares about me and my success. I truly enjoy my workouts with her and highly recommend her, if you are serious about getting fit; Kili can help make it happen for you.”

Karie Mawer

“As a teacher, choreographer and/or a coach, Kili always appears to be spontaneously creative.  What you don’t see on the surface is the amount of thought, work, dedication and conscious intent behind whatever she does.  A unique blend of attributes shared by few!”

Beth Oliver

“Robert was my personal trainer for approximately 18 months. In this time, he transformed me. When I began, I had little physical strength and endurance. With Robert’s coaching and encouragement, I took part in 3 5K’s and one 8K, improving my PR from run to run. Even more importantly, I found myself going through my daily life – long workdays and frequent travel – with energy and chutzpah! With his giving nature and his acuity, he quickly became a friend and a mentor. I loved starting my days off with him!”

Kumud Srinivasan

“Kili has an uncanny ability to see the body as a working unit. With one word she can change the effectiveness of an exercise, making every workout as challenging and beneficial as it can possibly be.”

Ellie Rickett

“I decided to try personal training to find and address issues that slowed my progress and kept causing me injuries. Rosemary came highly recommended and my experience exceeded my expectations. She pays close attention to movement deficiencies in her clients, and quickly found a fundamental problem. Most importantly, Rosemary finds ways to safely & thoroughly kick your butt to improve these deficiencies. All served up with a cheerful smile.”

Greg Winklesky

“Kili you are the most motivated trainer I have ever worked with. You are also the most knowledgable and dedicated trainer I have worked with. You make me want to challenge myself to be the best athlete I can be.”

Renee Cohen

“Robert brings an amazing combination of interest, motivation, support, energy, humor and an unmistakeable love for what he does to each and every training hour. I’ve been a client for over 2 years and the results his coaching has led me to are physically impossible to miss (size 10 to lean size 4) and health wise impossible to ignore (best health baseline ever). Robert creates a fun, positive, judgement free environment for clients to do their best work no matter what’s happening in life – even in the toughest times or the hardest movements I have felt safe and many times end up getting through something I never thought I could do at all laughing pretty hard. This is great because feeling ok to try the tough things keeps taking it easy out of the picture and allows measurable transformation to happen quickly, and stick indefinitely! My perception of what working out is and what it can do for me as a whole person has changed permanently thanks to Robert. I look forward to every workout!”

Karen deVallet

“I feel so lucky to have found Kili.  Not only do I get a highly knowledgeable and experienced fitness coach, I have a person I feel is my friend.  She is funny, smart, supportive and full of the love of life I admire in people. ”

Barbara Kite

“Being an older person and past cancer survivor, one of the best things I ever did for my overall health was to join Sweat360 and enroll in their Meltdown Challenge and fitness program. The excellent coaching and training provided by Robert and Kili have allowed me to make positive changes in my fitness and eating regimen that have stayed with me for over two years now and continues to this day. Sweat360 is the perfect place for anyone of any age looking to elevate their level of fitness and health. The personal training sessions with Robert and his understanding of my specific needs, challenges and physical limitations allowed me to grow and progress without fear of injury. For me personally, the lasting friendships formed with Robert and Kili may be the greatest benefit of my time with Sweat360.”

Vince Montecalvo

“Kili has this amazing way of keeping me highly motivated (that is a hard task when it comes to me). I have never seen changes in my body as quickly as when I train with Kili. ”

Karen Fowler

“Since I have been working out with Kili, I have improved drastically in cardio fitness, flexibility, agility, and  strength and always look forward to the workouts and challenges she gives me each session. My body looks tighter,leaner and stronger.”

Julie Fessenden

“After getting sick of big name gyms with an array of the usual equipment, I was looking for a workout that wasn’t drab, while packing some real punch. I can safely say that workouts with Robert at Sweat360 have given me that, and much more. Robert’s workouts are intense full-body workouts, with changing variety to keep you guessing. He is someone who believes in articulating goals, and doing his best to help you achieve them. His personality may be relaxed and laid back, but his workouts are anything but! Definitely recommended!”

Sujit Srinivas

“Kili is a total motivator, who gets you moving, and won’t let you quit on yourself.  She is patient in explaining the training session, and walks you through each movement and exercise with encouragement, excitement, and a confidence that makes you want to succeed.”

Matt Huntley

“Kili has the rare gift of being able to quickly spot inefficient body mechanics & movement.  Bottom line?  With a few tweaks here and a few tweaks there, Kili will get you fast results by simply making you more efficient in the way you move. Kili’s ability to get the very best out of people really comes down to her unrelenting drive for truth.  It’s calling you out on a half ass effort when you claim you’re giving it 100%.  It’s pin-pointing why you’ve gained and lost the same amount of weight for the last 15 years!  In all honesty, Kili attacks truth like an athlete: some days it hurts and even brings you to your knees, but damn, it gets results.  When you’re ready to face the truth and get real results, Kili’s your girl.”

Kendall Kimball

I am so glad that Sweat360 created such a great platform (In-House Meltdown Challenge) for a group of individuals to lose weight, lost body fat, gain lean muscle mass, and over all realize what we needed to change in our diets to create a better, healthier self.

The Meltdown Challenge helped me realize what I needed to eat, how much, and when.  It was not easy to do, but nothing worth doing is.  My biggest ah-ha moment was realizing that Rob had been right the entire time.  Time and time again, I came to Rob and Kili to ask him what I needed to do to lose body fat and gain lean muscle, and he gave me the plan, but I reluctantly kept shying away from it.

Finally, during the Meltdown Challenge, I told myself that I was going to follow the plan and not cheat.  I knew the only way I could do this was work out, cook meals at home, and follow the Paleo plan.  Therefore, I got a food scale, measured out the 3-6oz of protein, and filled my plate up with veggies and avocado for every meal.  This helped me understand how much I really needed to eat versus how much I thought I should eat or over indulge.  This process made me realize that I had been eating too much and not eating the right stuff to be healthy.

Throughout the 6 weeks, I would weigh in at the beginning of the week and again at the end of the week to see my progress.  I was so amazed how the weight kept coming off and my clothes continued to fit looser.  This was extremely encouraging because it kept me motivated to help achieve the goals I wanted to achieve by the end of the 6 weeks.

The money incentive was a huge plus, but once I stepped on the scale on week 6 and saw the results print out….it just made me so happy and I felt very proud of myself.  The competition no longer mattered, I physically felt great and most importantly I had learned that I wanted to incorporate Paleo as part of my diet and life.  I dropped 2 sizes, lost 9.6lbs and 6.2%BF, and gained 6.2% lean muscle mass.  I surpassed my weight goal for the challenge and I couldn’t believe the results I obtained.  One of the major pluses that I realized while on this journey was that internally, my body felt great.  I didn’t feel bloated anymore and my cramps went away.

I definitely have to say I worked very hard in the workouts at Sweat360 and Run360, but I would not have been able to achieve these goals without the continuous support from Rob, Kili, and my sister.  I still have some additional health goals I would like to achieve in the years to come, but the Meltdown Challenge helped me jumpstart the new life I want to lead and how food fits into that life.

Miriam Ceja

The 6 week Meltdown Challenge was very intensive and required a lot of dedication. Although the program appears to be overwhelming at first, the coaching sessions and routine check-ins with Robert and Kili helped me not only meet my personal goals but exceed them. As a result of the program, I am now able to better understand how to balance my nutrition and exercise routine in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. The results I experienced and knowledge I gained from the challenge were definitely worth the effort.

Jeffery Miller

The Sweat360 Fall Meltdown began just weeks after I became a “Sweat Athlete”. Initially I chose not to participate. I wasn’t available for the initial start and basically didn’t want to admit how much weight I needed to lose.

During the first week of the Meltdown, I kept hearing about the challenge during my classes. So many people were participating- people like me that could benefit from losing some weight, and people who were in it to get leaner, and feel better. I decided to join in the journey, and I signed up, a week late with the goal of losing 10 pounds.

After reading all the information, I wrote the following in my food journal. Good-bye coffee, sugar, wine, bread and pasta. These were the things I felt I would miss the most (Particularly the coffee).

I found the Paleo diet surprisingly easy to follow. Writing everything down in my journal kept me honest. Although I was hungry at times, I didn’t have the panicky “I need to eat now feeling”- I felt my blood sugar was stable. I steered clear of anything boxed or premade, so I did have to plan my meals. Each morning I packed snacks- baggies of almonds, carrots, and a cut apple. Whenever I grilled, I grilled extra to use for lunches. When traveling out of town I brought along a small cooler full of cut vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, fruit, and nuts.
I read about the diet on the Internet, shopped for fresh food more often, and shared thoughts with Killi, Robert, and the other Meltdowners. I even found that when eating out, I could always find something appropriate.

I committed to keeping a training schedule. Two TRX Circuits, two High Def’s, and one Yoga each week. During class, I found numerous allies. People willing to share, support, and encourage me to succeed. Killi and Robert pushed me, and The Sweatbox became my “home away from home”- Full of positive energy, and many new friends!

In the end I lost ~6% body fat and 15 pounds in five weeks!

I also had unanticipated gains during the Meltdown-

  • I began sleeping better
  • My complexion improved
  • My sensitive stomach was gone
  • My flexibility improved
  • Food cravings vanished
  • I had more energy

Today, I find that I am still experiencing benefits. I am challenging myself to become stronger physically and mentally. I am a work in progress and, I am raising the bar!

I owe this all to the unending support of Robert, Kili, and the Sweat360 community.

Thank you-Thank you- Thank you

Susan Hoffman